How to run a successful OKR Check-In

by Bart den Haak | April 2, 2019

Last week Perdoo founder Henrik-Jan van der Pol asked me to describe how teams can run a successful OKR check-in.

OKR Check-ins are the key ingredient of any successful OKR implementation. But they are hard to do. You need to run them at least weekly, come well prepared and make sure your team members are committed to executing experiments or the tasks in order to move the needle.

A typical OKR check-in agenda looks like this:

  • (actuals are updated before the check-in starts)
  • 1. Review OKRs and set confidence scores
  • 2. Account: report on previous commitments
  • 3. Plan: make new commitments
  • 4. Clear the path: discuss impediments
  • 5. Health: discuss the team health

You can read the whole interview here.