Harnessing OKR and Agile to deliver your goals

Bart Den Haak

As a software company, you know where you want to be. But having everyone understand, focused on and working towards that vision isn’t easy.

As an independent consultant, I help you harness the combined powers of OKR and Agile, to enhance agility, innovation and growth of your company. Moving the needle, so that everyone across your company understands what matters most and is empowered to deliver it.

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A unique approach that delivers results

My highly pragmatic approach and unique skills set combines OKR and Agile methodology to equip your teams to focus on measurable outcomes that will help deliver your strategic goals.

Using coaching, workshops or public speaking, I have worked with software delivery, sales, marketing and HR teams. Helping companies like ING, Equippo, Ahold Delhaize, Backbase, TWC, KPN and many more get their needle pointing where it should be.

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Founder at The Inner Circle David Vermeulen

We recently introduced OKRs to support our new strategy. Bart helped us introducing OKRs, the creation of our BHAG and define the company and team OKRs. I would highly recommend his services if your company has ambitious plans like The Inner Circle.

IT Area Lead (Head of IT) Mortgages NL at ING Maurits Cieremans

It was a pleasure working with Bart. Next to a great engineer he is also actively searching for ways to improve the way of working by injecting insights and from outside. Together with him we introduced the Agile Fluency game which gave teams insights in the choices they make in software development and the impact it will have in the long run.

Equippo CEO Michael Rohmeder

“Bart knows his stuff. He did a great job explaining the OKR method at Equippo. We appreciated his expertise, down to earth style as well as his personal views on unleashing the full power of the OKR potential, and helping us to be focused on what really matters in OKR implementation.”

Managing Partner at Pervorm Pieter Meijer

Bart took us into the world of OKR’s. His pragmatic approach was inspiring to the team and at the same day we actually got our first OKR draft done which is excellent! Many thanks Bart you have laid the foundation for us to build on. Cheers!

Founder, CEO at AssistiveWare BV David Niemeijer

Bart did leave a lot of room for people to run into problems and learn from that. Sometimes we felt that a little bit more guidance would have been beneficial for some of our teams, on the other hand this approach provided a good learning experience for the teams. If you hire Bart, make sure you discuss ahead of time how much guidance you want him to provide versus how much room there should be for teams to discover problems and find solutions themselves.

Overall, Bart brought a lot of OKR knowledge to the table and a lot of value for money. I would highly recommend his services, taking into account my note above.


Digital Growth Lead Noor Bavinck

“Working together with Bart @ Gall & Gall has been a great pleasure. Not only did he guide our development teams in working in a more agile way, he set up a clear strategy in diminishing our defect rate and implementing a zero-bug policy. He helped us setting up our OKRs; translating our strategic business goals in clear objectives and key results. His ability to translate complex technical subjects to simplified business decisions has been a real asset to our teams.”

Product Owner Ahold Delhaize Leon van Geest

Bart helped Gall & Gall to make the next steps into Lean IT / DevOps principles. Insights on quality, building a proper pipeline, zero bug policy, the introduction of continuous delivery etc. It was great to see how Bart could challenge development concepts (also during job interviews) and infrastructure choices. Next to development Bart has introduced the principals of OKR’s at business level. Knowledgeable guy, highly recommended.

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My coaching service guides you through the entire OKR process.

If you don’t currently have OKRs, I help you assess whether they’d be right for your organization. Then work with you to set and align data-driven goals that can deliver your strategy.

If you already have OKRs, I’ll challenge you on their effectiveness, look at what if any OKR software you need, make sure your OKRs are sustainable, and help you shut the gap between strategy and execution.


I run fun but challenging workshops for leadership, marketing, sales, HR, development or other teams. Helping you set and achieve ambitious but deliverable goals.

In a fully hands-on environment, delegates learn how to execute on your company’s strategy through optimal use of OKRs and Agile practices.


Ideal when you’re looking to inspire and energize people about OKRs or Agile. My expertise and public speaking experience means I can cover both the technology and organizational aspects.

I gear my talk to your specific in-house event or public conference. Topics can include OKRs, leadership, strategy execution, agile, and more. I also organize conference workshops. Get in touch to discuss your needs.


Bart Den Haak

Hi, I’m Bart den Haak. The past 20+ years, I’ve been fortunate to experience the full software development life cycle (SDLC) of digital products from many angles. Often in the role as a developer, tester, architect, coach, consultant and manager. During that time, I discovered that in most organizations strategy execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Because I strongly believe a good OKR implementation and Agile organizational system can radically change that, today I work with digital and other companies to boost their goal-setting and Agile implementation. Helping you create a system that can move your most important company needle.

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