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Enterprise Coaching Program

Are you part of the (extended) leadership team and you need to book extraordinary results this year? This is a tough challenge, but it can be done.
Let me help you implement a system that can deliver these results. Together we will access what is needed and how we enrol it in your organization.

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SaaS Coaching Program

Even when you know where your company needs to be, pinpointing and achieving this number one organizational goal can still be difficult. As a coach, I won’t tell you what you need to do. I help you achieve it for yourselves. My expert level experience in Software Product Development and Management has helped SaaS companies all over the world to point the needle where it should be. All this knowledge is now bundled into the SaaS Coaching Program. The program is 90-days and can be customized based on your requirements.

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Leadership Workshop

Do you want to execute an ambitious strategy and want to know how OKRs could help? Is your company already using OKRs, but you want to take them to the next level?  Maybe you are just curious how OKRs can work for your company in general. In this workshop, I will provide a brief introduction to OKRs specifically designed for busy executives. Afterwards, we can combine the deep-dive with a hands-on session to get a taste of how OKRs could work for your company.

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Management Training

This specially designed Management Training is geared towards managers looking to enhance their career. Participants will learn how to challenge teams on their OKRs, facilitate OKR workshops, provide OKR training and become more valuable to their organisations.

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OKR Assessment

You’ve read all the OKR books. Your company is about to start or has started it’s first OKRs Cycle. Are you sure everything is ready to go? Maybe you want to check before you proceed with the OKR journey. During the assessment, your (extended) leadership team will be questioned about your (upcoming)OKR implementation. After the assessment, you and your (extended) leadership team will receive a detailed debrief with recommendations on how to proceed with OKRs.

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1-1 coaching call

Do you have a lot of discussions about what good OKRs are? Or maybe want to have a different perspective on them? Get live feedback from a seasoned OKR coach on your OKRs. Do you have another question related to OKRs? We will discuss all your questions within this 1-1 coaching call.

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A collection of my most effective webinars, conference talks, tools and OKR examples.

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