Public Speaking

Inspire people with a compelling story on OKRs and Agile

I speak publicly on strategy execution using OKRs and other agile management techniques. Topics include OKRs, Agile transformations and Agile Fluency. I’m equally comfortable talking on the technology and/or organizational aspects.

I’m very flexible and can work as your speaker or workshop organizer. Tailoring my speech or session to the specific themes or goals of your conference or event. Contact me now to discuss your needs.

Upcoming gigs in 2020 conferences and events


S4.E22 – Top 3 Mistakes Companies Make When Implementing OKRs (June 29, 2020)

(Dutch Only) #7 – De zin en onzin van OKR’s, met Bart den Haak (June 23, 2020)
More info: People Masterminds

All about OKRs with Bart, Le Podcast with Alexis Monville, April 18, 2020
More info: Le Podcast

Executing strategy with Objectives and Key Results. Feb 25th 2020
More info: Management 3.0 Meetup, The-Netherlands

Inspirational OKR Speach / Keynote for Nike (Internal Event). Feb 20th 2020
More info:


Interview with Niroshan Madampitige on personal OKRs. Jan 16th 2020

Past gigs:

Fit Bots Webinair. Slingshot your OKR Success. October 16th 2019
More info:

OKR Forum 2019. The power of OKR check-ins. October 3rd 2019, Amsterdam, NL
More info: 

Agile Crisis. Closing the Gap with OKRs. September 25th 2019
More info:

Coaching for Results using the Agile Fluency™ Game. September 19–20 2019, Cologne, DE
More info:

The Agile Fluency™ game workshop. June 18 2019
More info: The Agile Fluency™ game workshop for the Agile Holland commnunity

SDN Event 2019. The OKR Commitment Square, June 14 2019
More info:

IT Spring 2019. The OKR Commitment Square, May 21 2019, Minsk, Belarus
More info:

Agile Slovenia 2018. The OKR Commitment Square, November 23th, Ljubljana, Slovenia
More info:

OKR Forum Amsterdam 2018. The OKR Commitment Square, October 25th
More info:

ING Backend Summit 2018. Keynote Speach. The future of software craftsmen, October 3rd, Amsterdam

Teqnation 2018. The future is smart, April 26th, Utrecht, NL
More info:

OKR Meetup Amsterdam, OKRs for OKR, May 31th 2018
More info:

Agila Budapest 2017, The missing link, Oktober 10th 2017, Budapest, Hungary
More info:

OKR Meetup Amsterdam, OKRs for OKR, July 27th 2017
More info:

National Architecture Congress 2016, The bank of the future: bringing the power of Netflix to banking, 11/18/2016
More info: (Dutch only)

Backbase Connect 2016, CXP 6: Ready for takeoff, 2016
More info:

Backbase Connect 2015, How to become a disrupter, 2015
More info:

OKR Forum 2018

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