OKR Management Training

Learn how to manage your teams with OKRs

Boost your OKR implementation with the help of managers who are strong believers in the power OKRs have to revolutionize the way we work.
This specially designed OKR Management Training is geared towards managers looking to enhance their career. Participants will learn how to challenge teams on their OKRs, facilitate OKR workshops, provide OKR coaching and become more valuable to their organisations. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to get OKRs working for you and your teams, invigorating how OKRs are put into action in your organization.

Who is this Workshop for
Department or Team Managers, and anyone else interested in fun, engaging ways to teach teams about OKR practices and to facilitate the OKR workshops.

A basic working understanding of OKRs principles and practices.

Rave Reviews


Bart helped us at BinckBank to introduce many employees to the concept of OKRs and guided teams in sharpening their objectives. The feedback was very positive, from a variety of teams (commercial to developers). A number of teams voluntarily decided to start using OKRs, which is awesome. Testament that Bart’s session added value to our organisation. Thanks Bart!

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Christiaan van Laecke
International Business Manager at Saxo Bank

Bart took us into the world of OKR’s. His pragmatic approach was inspiring to the team and at the same day we actually got our first OKR draft done which is excellent! Many thanks Bart you have laid the foundation for us to build on. Cheers!

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Pieter Meijer
Managing Partner at Pervorm

You really become an Ambassador in one day; someone who is ready to spread the “virus” within your company

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Hessel de Gelder
Agile Innovaton Lead

It’s practical and gives good insights to start using OKRs

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Ad de Kroon
Way of Working Coach at Bol.com

It is a great kick-start for understanding the power of OKRs

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Bart van Hoof
Agile Innovation Lead at Bol.com

Your Trainer

Bart den Haak is a seasoned OKR Coach and Trainer. He has worked more than a decade with OKRs, regularly speaks about OKRs at international conferences and writes about them, as well. His passion for OKRs is clearly noticeable when you experience his Management Training for yourself.

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OKR Coach Bart den Haak


What will I Learn?
This training will get you started in helping your organization to boost their OKR implementation.
All participants will experience a unique mix of theoretical and practical insights. An innovative approach to improve creative thinking and communication will help all participants to stay engaged and focussed throughout the workshop.

The Day’s activities cover:

  • Learn how to create high-quality Objectives and Key Results
  • How to develop good metrics and measures for Key Results
  • How to challenge (management) teams on their OKRs
  • Hands-on use cases and exercises. **
  • Scaling OKRs in your organisation
  • Facilitation of all the OKR workshops within the OKR cycle
  • Tracking of your OKRs
  • Helping teams to integrate a rhythm to keep them engaged and accountable

**These cases can be replaced with real cases from within your company or organisation. Contact bart@movingtheneedle.com for more information.

What do I get?
Print and electronic teaching aids and bonus materials:

  • Innovative handouts that help you to make your own version of the OKR workshops
  • Practical use cases and exercises
  • Practical OKR tools & checklists

In What Language will the Training be in?
The default language is English. On request, the training can be delivered in Dutch. All training materials will be in English.

When and where
The regular offline OKR Management Training location is currently in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The exact training location will be announced later. Workshops normally start at 9.00 am and end at 5.00 pm. Please contact the trainer to discuss the room and the required facilities. For in-house training, please contact the bart@movingtheneedle.com

Regular training dates:
NOTE: Because of COVID-19, all public and in-house events are cancelled.

Do you Offer Remote Training Sessions?
Yes, virtual training sessions are available. The same materials are covered as in the regular, in-person training, however, some offline tools will be replaced with digital versions. This is just as effective, in fact the online training sessions are even more engaging.
The virtual training will be bundled in a two-day intensive program. On request, this can be spread out in multiple days.

Number of Participants
The minimum number of participants is 4. To guarantee the quality, the maximum number of participants is 10.

Your Investment
The investment for this 2-day workshop is €1,595 (excl 21% VAT) per participant. The price includes a license to use the Moving the Needle workshop materials for each participant.

Your investment for the intense online version will be €1.199 (excl 21% VAT) per participant. Training modules will be spread over multiple days.

For in-house training, an additional fee will be charged to cover transportation, accommodations and logistical expenses. Together, we will define a travel an expense schema for the trainer’s on-site visits.

What if I have more Questions?
Send an email to the address below to get more information about this training course or have a quick chat to discuss the details of the training.

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