How to run a successful OKR Check-In

Last week Perdoo founder Henrik-Jan van der Pol asked me to describe how teams can run a successful OKR check-in. OKR Check-ins are the key ingredient of any successful OKR implementation. But they are hard to do. You need to run them at least weekly, come well prepared and make sure your team members are […]

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My notes on goto conference 2017, Amsterdam, Day 2

This post gives my impressions from the last day of the 2017 Goto conference in Amsterdam. I spent pretty well the whole day at non-technical talks. Perhaps because my interests in this area have widened, I found many of the talks fascinating. Keynote: Engineering you, Martin Thompson The day started with a keynote of Martin. […]

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My notes on Goto conference 2017, Amsterdam, Day 1

This post has my takeaways from the penultimate day of the 2017 Goto conference in Amsterdam. Here are my whistle-stop summaries of 8 keynote speeches and sessions on everything from Automotive Security and Guest Leadership to Deep Learning and Breaking the Rules. Keynote: The Current State of Automotive Security, Chris Valasek The first keynote was […]

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